Website Development & Branding

CaPow the Trainer is a website that focuses on providing women in the Treasure Valley with mobile personal training services to help them take control of their health and wellness. The website’s mission is to inspire women to feel like superheroes by providing them with customized, fun, and challenging workouts that are tailored to meet their individual fitness goals. The personal trainer at CaPow is a certified professional with a specialization in behavior change, weight loss, and nutrition coaching. The website promises convenient and personalized workout sessions that are designed to help women find the energy, confidence, and motivation to improve their overall health. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced personal trainer in the Treasure Valley area, CaPow is the website to check out.


  • Integrated Online Scheduling
  • WooCommerce Ecommerce Shopping
  • Brand Story Creation & Implementation
  • Custom Graphics Created For Services
  • Team Page
  • SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations

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