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Get To Know Jennie Better

By October 9, 2023No Comments
  1. How would you describe your work to someone you meet in 60 seconds? 
  • We are a website design agency also providing branding, logo designs, & digital marketing services for small-medium sized businesses. We truly function as your creative team and marketing personnel. 
  1. How did you decide that you wanted to do web design for your career?  
  • I recognized a real lack of cool websites on the market and wanted to offer my artistic and technical web designs to a greater audience. Having a professional studio art degree has really allowed me to bring an elevated design eye to everyday business materials.  As a career, I am able to provide small business owners an identity; through the branding process with logo design, to brand strategy with the website and also able to provide printed materials along with digital marketing services. We are an entire team of creatives and marketers available at your fingertips. 
  1. What are the reasons you love your work?
  • Really, it’s getting to work with business owners who have a vision and being able to help them bring that into reality. Seeing a project grow and come to life from inception, to design, to launch and into a thriving business is why we do what we do. 
  1. What are some of the things that make you stand out from other designers?
  • I am an artist. first and foremost. I bring a custom, unique aspect to every single project I touch. No 2 projects are a like. Everything has its own spin and expression that speaks to the brand, it’s story, and the people behind it. We also really take the time to learn about the business we are working for and creating a brand strategy that will take their messaging further. 
  1. What do you do on your free time?
  • I love my family and our dogs. We take time to enjoy each other’s company as much as possible. I’m still really connected to my art community and take in events when possible. Spending time with friends, though. I love surrounding myself with the people I care about. 
  1. Describe your life using singular words. 
  • FULL, Vibrant, Alive, Passionate, Learning, Present
  1. What do you hope clients will remember you for?
  • Giving a damn, quite frankly. We care; from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, we truly care about our clients. They become friends and people we continue to work with year after year. 
  1. What are some of your favorite projects you have worked on?  Describe them.
  • Well, they are all my favorite for different reasons, but what I have learned is when I’m allowed complete artistic license on a project then tend to be more enjoyable for me and I’m able to provide work I am confident with and really proud of.